Amenity Center Guidelines and Reservations

    Clubhouse Address:  1750 Powell St., Erie

The Clubhouse is open for year-round access and all owners - in good standing - may rent the Clubhouse. It is in constant demand so if you are planning an event, we recommend you reserve well in advance.  Use of the pool is only included if arrangements have been made prior to use with the Manager.  Homeowners must hire lifeguards as per the Clubhouse use Guidelines.  The Clubhouse is a non-smoking facility.

Review of these Amenity Center Guidelines is required before making your reservation; and, you, the reserving member, must be present at all times. Click Below to Review:
                                                      (Click above to review and print out for submittal along with payment to HAVEN Community Managers)                                                                                                                  

Reservations are limited to one (1) per day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.  All reservations must be made no later than 7 days prior to your event. Reservations made within 7 days or less of an event, will be cancelled. To reserve the Clubhouse, please follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the calendar below.  Choose a day that is not already reserved as reservations are on a first come, first served basis.  

A fully executed Clubhouse Reservation Rental Agreement, a $60 non-refundable check for Usage Fee; plus, a $150 check for Security Deposit is required in advance of reservation confirmation.  (Note:  2 separate checks made payable to Arapahoe Ridge HOA.)  The deposit will be refunded in full if the clubhouse is left undamaged, neat, clean, free of trash and the Checklist is completed. 

In the event the Homeowner cancels a reservation, the $60 usage fee will be refunded for those cancellations made at least two weeks prior to the reservation date only.

Submit the Rental Agreement along with two (2) checks made payable to Arapahoe Ridge HOA to:

HAVEN Community Management
Attn:Arapahoe Ridge Manager
350 Interlocken Blvd., Suite 350
Broomfield, CO 80021


The access to the clubhouse is with your pool key card. We add the access remotely to allow you to enter the clubhouse. If you do not have a pool key card, you may purchase one from Haven Community Management for $50.00.

After your event, complete the Clubhouse Checklist posted on the clipboard hanging next to the front door security keypad.  You must enter your name, the date, and initial each item in the “Your Initials” column. Leave this form on the clipboard or the clubhouse manager.  Prior to leaving ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked.  The clubhouse will then be inspected and report any damage or cleaning issues to the management company who will call you to discuss any unresolved issues or will notify you we are shredding your deposit (if there are no unresolved issues).  If additional cleaning is required and/or the clubhouse is not returned in the original state, the damage deposit will be held to cover the cleaning service fee.

Please Note:  All reservations must be made no later than 7 days prior to your event. Reservations made within 7 days or less of an event, will be cancelled.  All reservations are pending until receipt of the Rental Agreement and the Rental Fee.  

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Reservation Instructions:
  • To create a new reservation request, please click on the New Reservation button.
  • When the form is open, please complete the details.
  • To Change or Cancel a reservation, please select the reservation from either the "My Reservations List" or by clicking on the appointment subject line in the calendar
  • You cannot make or edit a reservation in the past. You can only edit your own reservations.